Chris is a Massachusetts native who developed an interest in the occult by age eleven. This turned into a passion for afterlife research when he began reading books by the late Hans Holzer in middle school. Chris continued his studies and interest in the paranormal well into his adult years. In 2012, he joined Nightbreed Paranormal. It was an easy fit, and he felt like he'd always been part of that team. When Nightbreed disbanded, Chris investigated freelance for a while, until joining the East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators in 2017.

In 2018, he and long-time friend Clarissa Vazquez partnered up to co-author “Debunking Common Paranormal Myths: Exploring Psychosomatic Pareidolia” which was officially released in August of that year. Appearing as a guest on numerous radio programs to promote the book, Chris decided he liked being on the air and, partnering again with Clarissa, launched Hidden World Paranormal Talk Radio in October of 2018. 

Clarissa VazQuez is a Colorado native & an avid paranormal investigator. After serving in the US Air Force & having her first parnomal experience while en listed, Clarissa returned to Colorado & later founded the Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) in 2004. Her didication & research of paranormal phenomena led to her subsequent calling as a minister. 

A world-renowned writer, Clarissa is the author of six books including one co-authored by her "Partner in Crime" Chris Carr. SHe has been on several different paranormal radio programs incuding Coast ot Coast AM with George Noory, Spooky Southcoast, & Darkness on the Edge of Town. In 2010 she officially launched Para-Scope Uncensored to bring credible information & truth about hte paranormal to listeners around the world  Hidden World Paranormal Talk Radio in 2018. 

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